Today, you need to talk directly and honestly with your key targets in a compelling manner. It’s an evolution in communications that can be both exciting and rewarding. However, the persistent truths of PR apply – without a sound strategy and innovative approach based on tried-and-true PR practices, your communications program may never get off the ground.

As an entrepreneurial firm, we tend to experiment with and adopt new technologies, keeping us at the leading edge of client connectivity. Because of this, we offer a range of services from tried-and-true to never-tried-before.

So what does all this mean for you? It depends on where you are in the company life-cycle and what your objectives are. Here are just a few examples of the type of programs we can create and execute.

Launching into the Market—“Reaching Escape Velocity”
We know how to start from scratch. We develop the PR strategy, corporate and product positioning and messaging, assist with the business plan, the presentation to VCs, write the website copy and develop the corporate press materials. We pitch to the press and analysts, and put in place the right social media tools and get you coverage to reach escape velocity. Then we work to keep you in front of the press (and your customers).

Creating a solid Reputation – “Building the Buzz
You’ve launched. The buzz is beginning. What next? Great PR is about more than just getting publicity (although that’s certainly essential). It’s also about building relationships with editors, analysts and other market influencers. These relationships are the best insurance for consistent, positive coverage the “buzz.” Here’s where we bring in many of the tried-and-true tactics such as business/trade media relations, industry forums, case studies, a steady drumbeat of announcements, and product reviews. We add to that new social media tools – blogs, podcasts, e-newsletters — appropriate to your audiences and goals. Oh, and we've likely met and worked with the analysts and editors in your market sector for years.

Increasing Loyalty for a Brand – “Influencing the Market”
You’ve built a solid brand leadership position. You don’t want to just maintain this leadership, you want to extend it. You need to be out there influencing the market dialog! This means executive visibility and thought-leadership programs, speaking at conferences, executive articles, business media interviews, blogs, podcasts or other social media content. It means a strong guerrilla marketing campaign and potentially a viral communications program.

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